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21 Sep

Any plans for the weekend?

Posted by Ms. Sponge in Event, Travel

Hey guys,

Weekend is here! What's your plan for the weekend? If you are planning to travel, don't forget to bring umbrella, warm clothes, and a Konjac Sponge with you! (Please Scroll down)

Here we took a picture of a luggage full of Konjac Sponges and Puffs enough for a whole year worth of supply .. hehe.. Just kidding..

We actually had a marketing presentation today for our Konjac Sponges/Puffs, and it was a success!  We received many positive feedback and enthusiastic responses from supporters. We also had a chance to touch and feel the textures of our dry and soaked Konjac Sponges and Puffs. We also demonstrated how our products works and the special characteristics of our Konjac Sponge compared to other brands.

We are confident that our Japanese Konjac Sponges and Puffs are unique; our products will give you all the expected benefits that you can expect from high-quality Konjac Sponges.  Try our Konjac Sponge and Puff by shopping here!

Rain or Shine,

Ms. Sponge

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