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07 Oct

Cherry Blossom and Green Tea Konjac Puffs Review by Art Evolve/Ashesela

Hello everyone,

Today we are announcing a review by Art Evolve. We are extremely grateful for Ashesela who has written a very nice short review about Cherry Blossom and Green Tea Konjac Puffs on her blog at Art Evolve.

To quote her experience with the Japanese Konjac Sponge:

"I rarely wear makeup, but despite that I was a bit skeptical about the sponge being able to cleanse my skin without any added soap.  How wrong I was!! This beauty made my skin feel so fresh and clean, but at the same time it left a light film on my skin (which may sound gross to some, but I promise it is not!!), and kept it feeling hydrated.  What also really impressed me was the immediate difference in how my skin looked after using the konjac sponge: dewy, clean and fresh".

To read the complete review, please head to http://www.artevolve.blogspot.ca/2013/10/the-japanese-konjac-sponge-puff-review.html

To learn more about Ashesela and her blog, please visit her blog at http://www.artevolve.blogspot.ca.

Thank you again Ashesela for your kind words about us! :)


Mr. Sponge

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