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The original 100% natural facial & body cleansing konjac sponge - made in Japan!

07 Sep

Thank You for Being Our Loyal Customers! We will be closing our shop soon & move to a new chapter!

Posted by Ms. Sponge in Event

After 7 years in business, we are grateful to be able to serve our customers with Konjac Sponges need and we will be moving on to new chapter as we close the shop by end of October 2020. 

It's been a journey and great learning experience for us in building and dealing with customers. We hope that our customers are happy with the experience that we provided so far. 

Our Green Tea Konjac Sponge and Wild Mint Konjac Sponge are still available to purchase until they're sold out (limited quantities available). The other lines have been sold out due to out-of-stock inventory. 

THANK YOU again for all of your supports all these years!


The Japanese Konjac Sponge Team

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