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The original 100% natural facial & body cleansing konjac sponge - made in Japan!

08 May

Happy Mother's Day!

Posted by Ms. Sponge

Happy Mother's Day! No words can express how depth your love is that transforms us into a better person everyday. Thank you, Moms!

16 Feb


Posted by Ms. Sponge in Products, Review

Thanks Natalie for your review! 

"I have just about every konjac sponge you can have, the charcoal one was the last one I needed to get. Save the best for last they say, this one is amazing! To get the best from this sponge, you must let it get soft in warmer water. I like to get warm-hot water on my face to open the pores, for the best cleaning of the skin. It leaves my face feeling amazing." - Natalie H. from Amazon.com. http://blog.nataliemadeit.com