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The original 100% natural facial & body cleansing konjac sponge - made in Japan!

About Konjac

What is Konjac? Konjac ("Konnyaku") plant is a perennial belonging to the Araceae family. The botanical name is Amorphophallus Konjac. It is believed to have originated in the Indochinese region and was introduced to Japan from China. The Japanese have used it for over 1,500 years as part of a traditional healthy food and cooking ingredients.

Its main component is Glucomannan, and its solution is a calorie-free dietary fiber that is very elastic. Konjac is rich in vitamin (A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, & E), protein, lipids, fatty acids and natural minerals such as copper, zinc, iron and magnesium. Combining these natural ingredients with its gentle texture, Konjac is not only establishing itself as a healthy food, but also make it excellent for use in skin care.

Due to Konjac fiber's excellent water-holding properties, the surface is always covered with water. As a result, the fiber hardly come into direct contact with the skin and will not scrape even with hard scrubbing. The Japanese people initially use Konjac fiber for babies due to its gentle texture and its excellent cleansing ability. Since then, it has gained popularity and developed to be a facial and body cleansing sponge for all ages and all types of skin. Recently, the Konjac sponge is sold as a cleansing sponge intended for use together with fancy Japanese-style cosmetics.

Our Konjac plants are 100% grown in Gunma Prefecture where majority of Japan's Konjac is produced. The Konjac plants used to make the sponges are GMO free. Our production facility in Japan was established in 1994 and all of our Konjac Sponge products are handmade one by one in a sanitary manner in our Konjac Sponge dedicated factory in Japan. The Japanese is well-known for its high quality craftsmanship and attention to details. Using the handmade approach, we ensure the highest quality result for our final products.

How the Japanese Konjac Sponge is made? The modern day Japanese Konjac is made by adding water to Konjac root powder which thickening it into a paste. The paste is then mixed with calcium hydroxide to make it alkaline, then heating it to solidify it. The mixture is kept frozen for a night and dried slowly to evaporate the water and alkaline as the final process. The Konjac Sponge is then shipped to the USA for packaging.

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